Programming in D

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Programming in D

Ali Çehreli
4 ratings
(This book is 760 pages in print and PDF formats.)

The main aim of this book is to teach D to readers who are new to computer programming. Although having experience in other programming languages is certainly helpful, this book starts from the basics.

D is a multi-paradigm system programming language that combines a wide range of powerful programming concepts from the lowest to the highest levels. It has C-like syntax and static typing. It pragmatically combines efficiency, control, and modeling power, with safety and programmer productivity in mind.

Each chapter is based on the contents of the previous ones, introducing as few new concepts as possible. It is recommended that the book is read in linear fashion, without skipping chapters if possible.

Although this book was written with beginners in mind, it covers almost all features of D. More experienced programmers can use the book as a D language reference by starting from the index section.

Blurbs from the back cover:

“D is pristine, clean, immensely powerful, and arguably the actual state-of-the-art programming language. Ali's book is a gem. Clear, concise, and complete.” – Olivier Henley

“I have been using Ali’s online D book to teach D at the university level. It is up-to-date, complete, and most importantly, extremely readable. Having a print version is even better! This is now the 'go-to’ book for learning D programming.” – Chuck Allison, Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department, Utah Valley University

“Ali's explanations are succinct and on target. I like that he provides rationale for why D was designed in a particular way and how I can use it most effectively. This is the best computer language book I've read.” – Robbin Carlson, Luthier and Enterprise Architect

“I taught a CS2 Data Structures class in D with more success and student appreciation than when using either C++ or Java as it's an ideal language to express the relevant concepts at all scales, from detailed to big picture, without needless complexity.

Ali Çehreli's tutorial played a central role supporting students especially during the first half of the course — without it the course simply would not have worked, so "many thanks Ali" — and an important part of that is its linearity — it can be read with only backward dependencies. This meant that with hard work even students of little experience and only moderate current abilities could get up to speed, and we saw just that. It is hard to overstate this factor. I unreservedly recommend this book to all.” – Dr. Carl Sturtivant, University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science & Engineering

“This book is one of the best guides through the language that I've seen.” – Andrew Wray, D Enthusiast

“I encourage anyone considering D to read this book. Not exactly 'D for Dummies' but it's easy to follow even if you don't have much experience with compiled languages.” – bachmeier, Reddit user

“Having worked through the book, I have to say this is one of the easiest to follow and distraction free read there is and the fact that it made learning a new language a total breeze really impressed me.” – Imran Khan, Student

About the author: Ali Çehreli has been working as a C, C++, and more recently D programmer with small and large networking companies in Silicon Valley since 1996. He is a board member and the secretary of The D Language Foundation and an organizer of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the ACCU and the DLang Silicon Valley Meetup groups. He is a regular speaker at D conferences.

This book is also available through the following ISBNs:

978-0-692-59943-3 hardcover by IngramSpark

978-0-692-52957-7 paperback by IngramSpark

978-1-515-07460-1 paperback by CreateSpace

978-1-519-95441-1 ePUB by Draft2Digital

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